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Association of the Miraculous Medal
What is a Votive Light

A Votive Light is a "silent sentinel," and your representative before our Lady's Shrine. A Votive Light can burn for your special intentions or for someone who is in need of prayers. This is a thoughtful expression of your sentiments and best wishes for any occasion. And your Votive Light is an act of faith and charity—the light is a symbol of the sacrifice you have made in behalf of someone else—and it is a silent reminder of your prayers for them.

The Votive Lights burn in the Votive Light Sanctuary, which is a room by our Lady's Altar set aside for this purpose. Today, for example, there are some 100,000 lights burning there representing contributions from our friends and petitions for our Blessed Mother's intercession. The room and lights  are accessible to the many visitors to the Shrine. Often as they pass by the Shrine or visit in the Votive Light Sanctuary they will pray not only for their own needs but also for the intentions of all who are burning lights there.

By burning lights at our Lady's Shrine you are taking part in an old and beautiful custom. Give the lights a true meaning by your intentions. Let it be your presence at the Shrine—your spiritual pilgrimage by which you come to beg our Blessed Mother's help and to thank her for past favors she has granted you. Your candle will be like a prayer in time of need. It will be a pledge of your devotion to our Blessed Mother who brought the Light of our Lives into the world by becoming the mother of Jesus, our Lord.